My 2018 in Books: The Plan

So I stayed on track with my Goodreads challenge and read thirty books in 2017. I initially pledged twenty-five books but changed it to thirty when I hit that milestone.

For 2018 I‘ve pledged thirty-six books, that’s three books per month. It feels a bit daunting, but I believe it should be doable if I have a plan.

I need to increase my reading because you can’t write well without reading good books. You need to look at words that aren’t yours, hear stories about worlds and characters different from your own. Experience and learn from what other people can do with words.

Also, I want to buy more books, because… they’re pretty (and reading is fun, obviously.) I‘ve put myself under the massive restriction that I need to read a book to buy a new one. Now, there is some leeway; I don’t have to sit down and read the book. I have subscriptions to an audiobook streaming service, so I’m allowed to listen to a book and also buy a copy of it to look good in my bookcase—which is an entirely reasonable thing to do, yes?

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What will follow is a long post with me talking about books I plan to read this year, mostly fantasy. If you just want to know what I’m hoping to read this year HERE is a link to my “To Read 2018” shelf on Goodreads.

Right, for you brave few willing to dive in, here we go.

Number one is Terry Pratchett’s iconic Discworld seriesIf you’re not familiar with fantasy, you might not know what’s so iconic about it. You can read more about that in THIS introductory post to the series where I also post links to the books I’ve reviewed so far.

My aunt adores this series. Me, I just never got around to it, and since I tend to get a bit obsessive about things like chronological order and such, I always felt the project of taking on a forty-one book series a bit daunting. Then, in November while hunting for Christmas presents for my aunt, I came across The Discworld Collector’s Library Edition. The term “Library Edition” I‘ve discovered is a pitfall for me, because it usually means ridiculously beautiful books that I’ll covet. These are just stunning books if you like the style, and I immediately ordered the first five:

Yesterday I finished the sixth book, “Pyramids.” I‘ve been listening to them on the streaming service I use, so far I’m having great fun. I plan to read up to book twenty by next Christmas since it’s a Christmas themed novel, of sorts.

Next, is another Terry Pratchett but co-authored with Neil Gaiman. I read a few books by him last year, including American Gods. Together they wrote, Good Omens and there was a copy of the same design as the Discworld books, how could I resist? So, that one is on the list for 2018 as well. I also plan to read Neil Gaiman’s, Anansi Boys which is a standalone sequel of sorts to American gods.

Speaking of Library Edition, I‘ve been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for many, many years. But, I never picked up the season eight comic when it came or the seasons after it.

Then, I found these:

These are the Buffy Season 8 Library Editions. I don’t know if you can tell by the pictures, but they’re huge and gorgeous. I purchased them all in May 2017, but I‘ve not read them yet, so those are definitely on the list for 2018.

So, that’s the “light” stuff.

Last year I also bought the first five books in Robert Jordan’s, The Wheel of Time Series. It’s another iconic series that I‘ve never gotten around to, mainly because it’s fourteen books long and every book is a brick, HERE is my introductory post to the series, and links to reviews I’ve written. 

The Wheel of Time Series - Orbit edition

This is High Fantasy. For those wondering if there’s such a thing as “Low Fantasy” (or maybe, “Slightly in the Middle Fantasy”) the answer is yes. A simplified, quick explanation is that “High Fantasy” takes place in a world different from ours with its own set of rules, races, creatures, a “Lord of The Rings” type of world. While “Low Fantasy” takes place in our world and something, usually magic or creatures invades or “intrudes” into our world hence its other name, “Intrusion Fantasy.”

Anyway, I’m getting off track…

I’m under no illusion I’ll get through the five books I own this year, even with the help of audiobooks, but I’m hoping at least two. Five would be amazing, but that’s 3.421 pages… the realist in me says two.

So, that’s my plan or the framework of it. I’m counting on a few trade editions of comics I’m waiting for and some other more spontaneous reads to fill in the gaps and honestly, I’m not short on unread books in my bookcase.

I guess 2018 will show if I stick to the plan or not. What about you, do you have any reading goals for the year?

Ms. F

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5 thoughts on “My 2018 in Books: The Plan

  1. Oh I have been thinking about buying the Buffy Season 8 comics for so long! Just thought they were a bit… expensive. At least where I would get them from. But seeing the size of them, it seems like a lot for the money you pay. Hope to see a review of them sometime during 2018!

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. I was lured in by finding the first one on sale while on vacation, so all my defenses were down. Once I decided to purchase the rest I found them on a large online store we have here in Sweden and they were only about 25 dollars each, which as you pointed out, is not that bad considering how large they are. They really are stunning and really, a bargain compared to buying each issue separately or the trade paperbacks which would both cost you more. It’s my plan to review at least some of the books on my list so keep your eyes open.

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