A sunset in October

The island where I live is a magical place, or it is for me anyway. Gotland is the largest island in Sweden but still a  fairly small island. It’s located pretty much in the middle of the Baltic sea between the southern part of Sweden and the Baltic countries.


As legend has it, thousands of years ago the island would sink into the ocean every day and only rise again when night fell.  It wasn’t until a man called Tjelvar, presumably, a servant of Thor, the god of thunder, brought fire to the island that the curse was broken and the island now stays above water even during the day.

It’s a place of thousands of years of history, and during the summer it’s a vacation hotspot. This tiny island with only roughly sixty-thousand inhabitants is invaded by over three hundred thousand people between June and August.

20170715_141619 (1)

When September comes, things go back to normal. A quiet, isolated peace descends over this island, and the slow pace of life returns. This island is beautiful in the summer, it’s ancient ruins are covered in roses, and there’s no other place in the country where you’re guaranteed as much sunshine as here.


But, in my opinion, people don’t know what they’re missing when they don’t come here during the fall months. Nothing is as beautiful as this islands rugged limestone coast during a sunset in October.

Holmhällar in October 13
Holmhällar in October 1
Holmhällar in October 9
Holmhällar in October 6
Holmhällar in October 5
Holmhällar in October 2
Holmhällar in October 3
Holmhällar in October 4

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