Stockholm Comic-Con 2017

So, this weekend was Stockholm Comic-Con – never heard of it? Yeah, it’s not the most high-ranking of the Comic Cons… but I’m just happy it’s found its way up here even though it’s the tiny version.

Cosplayers 1The guests this year was pretty good. Usually, we get the Z-list actors, but this year we got Colby Smulders, Ian Glen, and Manu Bennett and for some reason Pamela Anderson. I always go with my aunt and cousins, we usually only do one day.

Unless you’re a Cosplayer or really interested in panels and such, which were not, it’s too small to do more than one day.

There were some really good Cosplayers and people in costumes, my problem is that I always feel awkward asking people if I can take their picture so I never really get the best pictures. For some reason, I always end up with tones of pictures of the Star Wars droids… I just think they’re so cute. 

I got two T-shirts, my problem is I don’t wear t-shirts, I just loved the design so much I couldn’t help myself… oh well, maybe I’ll learn to like wearing them.

I found a great Mass Effect art print and Volume 1 of the Dragon Age Comics Library Edition.

Bioware love
Mass Effect and Dragon Age love.

Then I got a Supernatural Sign and a Supernatural print.

Supernatural Sign
The Family Business
Carry On My Wayward Son
Carry On My Wayward Son

I also got a “The Witcher” print. All three art prints are by the same artist Geeky Ninja, check out his Twitter and/or his Instagram. I have this idea I want to do in my Nerd Room, and I thought the prints would be perfect. 034

And finally, I’ve been ogling this for months, but I just could not justify paying that price for a POP figure. I’ve since broken that rule, but that was for San Diego Comic Con Exclusives dammit! But then I found this, for over twenty dollars löower then what I’d seen it priced at before… I couldn’t resist.

Baby Groot - Life Size
Because everyone needs a life-size baby Groot in their life!


And then I came home and will now eat Ramen for the rest of the month, but it was so worth it!

Ms. F

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