10 Things: When starting a new draft of your story

1. When you read your story the whole way through the first time after finishing your latest draft. 

Power Line Danger Signal Electric Shock

2. What you feel like after. 

Book Grunge Old Pages Burnt Damaged Burning

3. When you still believe there’s an easy fix.

Tie Medical Tablets Ill Patch Patch Up Scissors

4. When you realize there isn’t.

Zoo Sadness Nature Monkey Bondage Fauna Depressed

5. When you get real about deleting what doesn’t work.

Demon Way Winter Snow Death Night The Fear

6.  What your story feels like after.

Dilapidated Decayed Disrepair Building Abandoned

7. What you feel like after.

Rum Bottles Alcohol Different Origin

8. When you stop feeling sorry for yourself and get down to work.

Writing Magnifying Glass Pen Business Book Reading

9. When you figure out how to fix it.


10. When you fall in love with your story again. 

Book Day Symbol Valentine Old Paper Love Romance

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