Darkness decendes

It’s so dark outside.

The obvious answer to this being well, yeah, it’s 8:30 pm, of course, it’s dark. But, here in Sweden, that’s not true. The whole summer, from late May to August is so bright. Even for me, who live in southern Sweden and don’t experience the famous midnight sun, our summer evenings are still light, and you can sit outside at nine, ten in the evening and see the sun.

Beach promenade summer sunset
Summer sunset at Visby beach promenade. It’s around 10pm…

The change from darkness to light and then back to darkness again is so gradual you don’t notice it until it’s obvious. The evenings begin to grow darker again already in June, but you don’t notice because the change is one minute per day.

Summer view from a rooftop bar
The view from a rooftop bar in Visby, it’s 9pm…

The September hits and one evening you look out your window, and it’s seven pm and dark, and you know fall has come.

Rainbows and Ruins
A rainbow over an open-air theater in an old convent ruin. Once it stopped raining it was a lovely evening,

I always, and I think many with me, face the change in the season with a mix of sadness and excitement.  It’s melancholy because you know how fast the darkness will take over and that two, three months from now you won’t see the sun at all. Even those few hours it’s up, it will be hidden behind gray clouds that never leave. You know you’ll be cold and wet a lot, that the day’s of long, warm, bright nights is over for at least seven months, eight of it’s a long winter.

Medieval week in Visby, it’s 8:30pm 

But at the same time, because summer is so short here, it’s such an intense season. You try to enjoy it to its fullest, so by the time fall comes you’re looking forward to it. Finally, you can stay inside without feeling guilty for not making the most of the sun. You can cozy up at home, light candles, and not be social and friendly all the time.  You look forward to the darkness, real darkness, that black carpet you never see in the summer, where you don’t need thick drapes over your windows to sleep, and you can see the stars clearly again.

So, yes it’s dark outside, but I’m ok with it, I welcome it. Anyway, I had a good summer.

Summer sunset
Another sunset, another evening…

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