10 Things: While on a Writing Time Out

I sent Kodiak out to the people who kindly volunteered to be test readers (more are always welcome) a few day’s ago. I allowed myself one complete read through of the story and then I decided I would close the document and not edit, read or even open the story until I receive the feedback. I’m on a Kodiak time out. I think it’s going reasonably well…

10 Things: While on a Writing Time Out

1. Obsessively clean and organize your wardrobe; when realizing that you hate all your clothes, donate most of them to the Red Cross.

Blue Clothes Closet Wardrobe Fashion Clothing

2. Decide to organize the utility closet you keep all the recycling in; fail to put up the new handy and stylish containers you bought. Throw it all on a floor and have a full blown tantrum.

Animal Angry Open Mouth Yawn Pet Teeth Eyes Cat

3.  Go to Google Docs and check when you last opened your story; when confronted with the fact that it’s been twenty-six hours, breath—you can do this.

Model Time Women's Blue Unbelievable Composition

4. Close your eye’s and try to remember what you used to do before writing this particular story, you must have other hobbies.

Knitting Needles Hobby Wool Basket Colorful Knit

5. Try not to panic when you realize that you do have other hobbies, but right now you hate them all.

Yarn Knit Hand Labor Knitwear Wool Creative

6. Watch five thousand dog rescue videos on youtube.

Terrier Fun Garden Norfolk Terrier Dog Animal

7. Check your e-mail to see if any of your test readers have sent you their feedback—obviously, they haven’t because you gave them six weeks, not three days. Remind yourself of this once more thirty minutes later when you recheck your e-mail. Repeat as often as needed.

E-mail Correspondence Mail Wall Letters

8. Breath. You can do this.

Nature Sit Rest Zoo Africa Animal Desert Meerkat

9. Try not to bankrupt yourself while randomly surfing online shops.

Shopping Money Woman Online Credit Card Wallet

10. While organizing your Google Doc’s page, find that document with those notes about that plot idea you had that one time…

Frohsinn Say Yes To The Live Lust For Life Joy


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