Monday musings

Anyone who has read my writing, know I write with an emphasis on the “visuals.”  It’s all down to taste if you like deep, intricate descriptions of environments, places or people. Some hate it, others loved it, there doesn’t seem to be much of an in-between here. Either you like writing that’s concise and to the point or you’re like me, and you love long, flowing descriptions.

I was raised on fantasy, I grew up in Narnia, Shanara, The kingdoms of the Belgariad and Susan Coopers magical England and Wales. I love extensive world building, and I don’t think it should be exclusive to the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

But, again, it’s a highly personal opinion, and we all feel differently about it.

When I write, I use photographs and other forms of visual aid extensively.  I like to be able to “see” what I’m describing. I find it very helpful, the less I have to imagine and keep track of, the better.

I mean, sure, I’ve got mad skills when creating my own visual aid, but… yeah.


I’ve talked about my “folders” before in this post: Kodiak – The rewrite – Part 1 and I use Pinterest as well to help create both character boards but also, “boards” for the different places and environments.

I thought I’d start a series of posts about my visual inspiration and how I use it to build various aspects of my story. Please let me know if there’s anything special within the subject of visual inspiration or anything else you’d like me to write about.

On a side note, I bought the “Pro” version of Grammarly yesterday, because you know, I suck at grammar, especially punctuation and if one program can help me improve, what could two do?! So, now I have “ProWritingAid” telling me to put in a comma and “Grammarly” asking me to remove it, and I have no idea which of the two editing programs are correct—awesome.

As for Kodiak, the statistics are as follows:

Wordcount: 83.955 – that’s  minus 2.271 words from my last update.

The number of words removed: 2.271

The number of new words added: Hmmm… I’m not adding a lot of new writing right now. There’s a lot of rewriting of sentences and changing certain words, but no real additions to the text.

Chapters: Is unchanged at 27

Pages: 215 that’s an extra five pages, but that’s mainly due to cleaning up the formatting.

I’m on my second round of editing the first draft. I’ve added a lot of new text and chapters, and I needed to give it a proper read through, and a second edit before going to the “second draft stage” I’m currently editing Chapter 22 so, not that far to go!

Happy Monday everyone, remember, only four days to go until Friday.

Ms. F

Unless specified, all photos are mine and may not be used without my permission. I don’t mind sharing, but please be polite and ask first.




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