In my Bookcase: J.R.R. Tolkien

I feel like I need this.

Which is absurd since  I already own a hardback copy of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and I own a copy of “The Hobbit”, with illustrations drawn by Tove Janson. In the older Swedish translations, the title for “The Hobbit” is “Bilbo, a hobbits adventure” just a few years ago both “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” were given a new translation and the titles were changed to fit the original better.

Anyway, so I have copies, good copies, of all the books. I don’t need more. This is where like minded people would jump in and in my defense say, “But you don’t have them in English, you can’t fully appreciate Tolkien in any other language!”

“Yes! Thank you, that is very true.” I have read and listened to the English version many times now. I had one of those paperback box set’s, but I gave it to my dad when he wanted to try and read it in English, I got it cheap and didn’t like the design. As much as I love the movies I don’t like when they use images from the movies as covers for the books. The movies are one version, the books another, they should not be mixed.

So, it should be ok for me to buy these. Only, I actually have my eye’s on these:

They are the Harper Collins Deluxeditions with Tolkien’s preferred version of the text, fold out maps and several of Tolkien’s illustrations in color. They’re a bit pricey and since I’ve promised myself to pay for things right away this year, instead of charging it on my credit card, I’m saving-up for them.

So, again, since I’m planning on purchasing those beautiful deluxe editions, I really don’t need a small pocket size version… but they’re so cute and not very pricy only about thirty-five dollars.

I know I’m not alone in feeling that books are beautiful. I’m that person who’ll repurchase an entire book series I love simply because it’s come out in a collected edition with a new cover illustration I like, or there’s a really nice looking box set. I do this, even if I have no real desire to reread the series, but I feel like they’re my friends and they look so pretty in my bookcase. You know what I mean?

This whole problem began when I saw these at Forbidden Planet when I was in London in May.

You can’t tell from the pictures but the covers, they’re leather (or a fake leather)… I mean the text and illustrations are actually embossed (or stamped) into the leather and they’re so pretty. They’re also pocket size, just like that box set, do you see where I’m going here? Can you imagine how good they’d all look next to each other?

Only why would I buy them?

I mean,  sure, they’re only about ten dollars each, and I love Tolkien as much as the next nerd, but honestly, I’m not going to sit down and study a Middle Earth dictionary. I did not buy them, mostly because I was already a nerd gone wild in that store and worried about overweight on my flight home.

I was in fact almost 3 kilos over my weight allowance (all book weight), which was 25 kilos, but the woman at the check-in desk was very understanding and gave me a pass on the overweight fee.

I’m the kind of person who’s fingers start to itche when I walk into someones home and their bookcase is this big ugly block of wood with books shoved in, in no perticular order or aesthetic consideration. I mean, why would you do that to books?

On the other hand, I’m less sentimental than you might think. I often by new books in paperback and then if I like them enough, that’s when I’ll invest in the hardcover so they can live in my bookcase. Which monetary wise is insane, why pay for a book twice? Or in this case, three, no wait, there was that paperback box set, four times. Or maybe five, I bought the audiobooks on CD like fifteen years ago, yes, five times. No, I bought the new Swedish translation when it came out but hated it so I gave it away, so six times. Why would you buy the same books six times?

I just feel that if I really love a book, I want it to be beautiful.

This is a side of my-self I know and understand, I’ve come to accept it. I no longer scold myself when I donate a perfectly good book series to my local thrift-store because one of the covers doesn’t match, and then spend a hundred dollars replacing those same books. This is how my brain works, I accept myself.

But, I do not need this particular set, it’ll serve no other purpose than me having an adorable set of Tolkien books. That would also look very, very cute standing on the same shelf as the new Lord of the Rings Funko!POP collection, which I’m not planning on purchasing a complete set of.


Of course I am, of course, I’m planning on buying every single POP in this set.

Which is why I just pressed “complete purchases” and now these are mine.

I’m not sorry, not at all.

They’re pretty and precious and all mine!


How are you with books you love? Are you as crazy as me, or do you dog-ear your paperbacks while reading them in the bathtub?

//Ms. F

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  1. They’re gorgeous and I totally agree, I love and want beautiful books. It affects the whole reading experience. And LOVE Lord of the Rings!

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