The End (eventually)

I’ve always loved tv-shows. Long before they became as good as they are today, I always preferred tv-shows over movies. I can’t say why but I guess it has something to do with how I prioritize good character development over plot.

Lately, though, I’ve developed this bad habit of not watching a show to the end, or I’ll stop watching mid-season. It’s not because I’m not enjoying it. But something happens and I miss a week, or I binge half a season and then never get back to it.

Clearly, this can not be allowed to continue!

So, this is my confession and my vow to do better. Time to repent.

Shows Ms. F needs to catch-up with during 2017 (Ehhh… throw in a part of  2018 as well.) 

  • Grimm – last 3 Episodes of Season 5 and Season 6 (Final Season) 
  • Vikings – Season 4 Episode 6-20
  • American Gods – Last Two Episodes of Season 1 
  • Justified – Season 6 (final season) √
  • The Borgias (Showtime version) Last 3 Episodes of Season 3 (Final Season)
  • Black Sails – Season 3 (Final Season) This might take a while, I’m still upset about losing my favorite character.
  • Game of Thrones – Season 5 and 6 (I’m not quite as ecstatic about his show as most people are, but I still like it.)
  • Hell on Wheels – Last half of Season 5 (Final Season) 
  • X-files – Season 10 – Last 3 Episodes (Do you see a pattern here?) √
  • Bones – Season 12 (Final Season)
  • Jessica Jones – Final Four Episodes of Season 1 
  • The Blacklist – Season 4 and 5 
  • Wearhouse 13 – Season 5 (Final Season)
  • Shameless (US) Last two Episodes of Season 7
  • Being Human (UK) Season 2-5
  • Once Upon a Time – Season 4, 5 and 6 
  • Bitten – Episodes 5-10 Season 3 (Final Season)
  • Hemlock Grove, last 10 episodes of season 1, Season 2 & 3

Shows on the Bubble

Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow – My problem with these shows are that I like all three, but I hate when I’m basically forced to watch all shows in a particular order because of cross-overs. I’m fine with cross-overs for fun, but when they make it so that as a viewer you miss out on things if you don’t watch in a certain order, I get annoyed. Especially when all three shows have very different tones and moods. I’ll probably get around to it.

Shows I’m behind on but unlikely to pick back up again unless I’m really bored

  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Gotham
  • The Vampire Diaries – Last 3 (?) Season, I’m unsure how behind I am.
  • The Originals – Same as above – far behind.
  • Spartacus Season 3
  • Mad Men – Final season – It’s unlikely that I’ll finish this. John Ham can only do so much to make a show interesting.

Shows I’m planning to watch (But can’t under any circumstances start before I finish all those other ones!)

  • Westworld
  • Vinyl
  • The Shannara Chronicles
  • The Magicians
  • Deadwood
  • Outlander
  • The Strain
  • Luke Cage
  • Preacher
  • Salem
  • Bunch of Netflix Originals that looks good
  • So many more shows…

So what have we learned from this?

  1. Don’t get behind on shows.
  2. I watch too much TV and should get a life.

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