That Zanzibar feeling…

If you read my post about redecorating my “gaming/writing/nerd room you’ll know I’m kind of in the middle of a painful process of trying to make this apartment mine and not my mothers. We both had very similar taste when it came to decorating and we shared a love of old/vintage furniture. My mother had a lot of beautiful furniture that I inherited and kept because I love them.

But I want to make them feel like my furniture now, not her furniture in my apartment. One of the things we didn’t have similar taste in was color. While my mother was very green and orange, I’ve always been a turquoise, blueish person. We’d meet in the middle and both agree that we liked purple.

I have this beautiful dining set from the early 1900’s in my kitchen, I sound and bought the china cabinet but the table and chairs I inherited. My kitchen was very green because she was green. I’m not. This weekend I decided on a little DIY project to make it feel more mine.

When my mother bought the dining set she recovered the seat cushions in this green and purple (I know it looks brown in the picture but it’s more a dark plum) fabric.

Köksstol inte omklädd

I never liked it. So I decided to change it.


Between 2007 and 2011 I went on four trips to Kanya and Tanzania, mainly Tanzania where I spent the most time on the island of Zanzibar. I’m not going to say I love Africa because it’s an enormous continent consisting of 54 countries and I’ve visited three (I’ve been to Egypt four times as well), but something about that continent pulls at me and I hope to vist many more of it’s countries in the future.

Anyway, in many African countries, women wear a piece of clothing called Kangas (in Swahili), it’s basically two sets of fabric that they tie in elaborate outfits.


The fabric is often very beautiful and during my trips, I’ve bought so many. So many. But, I’ve not really found a good use for them. This weekend I got to use one set. I’m quite happy with how it turned out.


I have one in an amazing turquoise and black pattern but my kitchen is light yellow and the cabinets dark so this fits better. I think it works quite well and I’m happy with how my kitchen turned out.




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