4 thoughts on “That Instagram thing…

  1. I don’t really know which pointers to give you, I do not overthink and I post about stuff in my life that I love and everything good and special about it: my family, our cats, foodie stuff, baby posts, holiday pics, my daughter, stuff around my home, and, yes, also pretty stuff in shops that I like or have bought 😀 I rarely post selfies and never silly cutesy one’s as I too don’t like them. At all lol. I don’t go around taking selfies of myself in public places either. I follow a few people that post cutesy all the time and it gets really annoying and I should probably unfollow them.
    Maybe a tip I could give you is to not overthink too much? but basically you need to post stuff YOU feel comfortable with.
    What definitely interests me is how do people like? what is it about a post that makes them like it or just skip them entirely? for the record I don’t care how many likes I get or don’t get or how many followers I have (I like keeping them limited) I just like posting about my life.


    1. Good pointers.

      I think that’s the way to think about it, to post things that you like and interest you. As I said, I’m probably overthinking this. Everyone si taking pictures in public places now, it just needs to get used to it. (And maybe not think so much) 🙂


    1. LOL, I might be a bit hard on selfies because I wouldn’t do it myself. If selfies make people happy go for it. LOL I think you’re on to something, post things you like and want to share, sounds good.


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